Ethical & Eco-Friendly Activewear

In Brazil, zinha [zeen-ya] is a term of endearment.

We want you to share in our journey as a Friend of Zeenya. Together we inspire each other by Embracing Life Through Colour.

As Zeenya Women we seek a positive, energetic and mindful existence. Embracing the playful side of life, loving our bodies, while sharing our love of colour with good people. We believe in self expression and the confidence to be our unique selves.

Knowing where our product comes from is important to us as well as knowing who makes it and that they are treated ethically. Our fabric is eco-friendly in the way it is printed and made. We support small business, enjoy the process of growing and learning together to provide the best quality clothing.

Be adventurous, have fun and feel confident in the most comfortable leggings you've ever tried.