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Luminosidade - Sport Skirt



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Radiance: Find your glow. 

These sport skirts are designed for comfort as well as performance. Created for maximum movement and flow. 

Size Guide

  • Waistband sits high above the hips  
  • Undershort is black with gusset (meaning you can go commando if your heart desires)
  • Two pockets, one on each hip 
  • Incredibly soft to touch
  • Fabric moves with you, and will stretch to fit your shape
  • Material retains its original fit and shape
  • Mild compression to aid in muscle recovery and performance
  • Antibacterial and odour minimising
  • Thermal Control
  • Quick drying
  • Made from world leading Brazilian Supplex, Amini Sol Eco┬«

We aim to produce clothing ethically and sustainably so you can feel good, knowing that your skirt is made with love for both people and the environment. 

The company producing the fabrics uses innovative and sustainable practices, a leader in the textile industry producing the world's first biodegradable nylon. Meaning if you were to dispose of the clothing (heaven forbid you retire them!), it would degrade with minimal impact on the environment. 

We recommend our clothing for golf, walking, squash and tennis and anything else you want to feel amazing doing.

SKU: 6005-XS TAGS: Large, Running, Walking, Tennis & Squash

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