Tui Kraal

Nature Lover, Off-road runner

Sir Peter Blake said "Great leadership is about deeds, not work". Tui Kraal uses her unique position as an Instructor at Outward Bound to put her own leadership ideals into practice. Embodying passionate opportunities in nature is a powerful tool. And for a woman in her mid-20s Tui has learnt faster than some of us the power of being herself. 

Building strong connections with people and the land, she helps others to realise their own potential with the tools at her disposal. It just so happens to be in one of the most beautiful and remote places in New Zealand, Anakiwa. 

Originally born on the West Coast and growing up in Golden Bay, Tui has been an instructor at Outward Bound since 2015. She is able to connect with a group of 14 people on each course she takes. Tui believes strongly in the ethics behind why we take the actions we do. She wants to help others realise truths behind consumerism and being more mindful when it comes to spending money on products. 

Being active for her is a daily activity, it's not a question of if but what. Aside from her very active job, she loves getting out and running in nature. In mid-October she will be undertaking an event around the Crater Rim of Banks Peninsula and she has entered the 2018 Old Ghost Ultra. 

Being in Anakiwa has allowed her space to continue her connection with the land, and she's currently studying Te Reo Māori as a way of linking in with herself and the people who have come before her. This connection with language, culture and place has expanded Tui's view on what it means to be a Pākeha Kiwi in Aotearoa today, and encouraged her to continue exploring how we can move forward in an environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable way.

Not only is she motivated and active, she has been working on continuing to nurture her creative side, creating music and doing more art.

We love Tui's enthusiasm for embracing who she is and how aware she is of her actions impacting on others. 


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