Yoga Teacher (Auckland)

Tish is a woman with many strings to her bow, being a Marketing expert, Avocado boss at Ted’s Avos and Yoga teacher based in Auckland. After following her heart to complete her yoga teacher training in India, she said since then, things have somehow just fallen into place.

Connected to many conscious individuals in the yoga world as well as the Food Truck community, Tish loves breaking out of the norms and being part of a movement that cares not just for ourselves but everything around us.  “It’s an exciting time to be alive” she said. We love this enthusiasm and passion she has for life!

We asked Tish what gives her energy and she said practicing yoga as a lifestyle. She finds clarity in just being and taking in the things learned on the mat, off the mat. Grateful for her decision to complete her teacher training, she realizes this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. She loves learning from her students and buzzes off creating environments where we can all connect and share experiences. Tish herself practices Ashtanga, a practice that resonates with her deeply. She also enjoys Vinyasa, and Yin, both of which she teaches at collective yoga initiatives in Auckland. Her classes focus on building physical and mental strength, aligning inner energies, finding clarity and balance. 

Her Zeenya’s are a favourite wardrobe item, and she is often spotted wearing her colourful Orquidea print for all sorts of occasions. She loves the fun energy Zeenya clothing gives her and she feels confident rocking her tights anywhere anytime. 

Tish is excited about being an ambassador for Zeenya and to be aligned with a company she believes in, she also embodies Zeenya with her positive, energetic and mindful outlook on life.

You can find Tish over @tishmcnicol.yoga & @tedsavos (Instagram) Yoga with TIshTed's Avos (Facebook)

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