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Zeenya Sport Range

Performance that colours your life

Wow - it's been a huge experience for us to bring you our brand new Sport Range. After months of testing and designing, we're so excited to show you two new products, with a third on the way. 

Many of you already love our unique printed clothing, from the leggings to shorts to crops, everything is limited edition. It's a theme we will continue with our new running leggings and sport skirts. 

Let us tell you a bit about our Runners.

  • They're still the same highwaisted great fit, however the waistband is now made from a higher compression fabric so your runners won't shift down your hips when you're out smashing your run. 
  • Featuring two pockets, a lined zip pocket at the back which fits your cards and keys easily. The other is a thigh pocket which holds your phone. Yes, it will fit an iPhone with a lifeproof case. No problem. It won't bounce around when you run, in fact you'll hardly notice it's there. 
  • We've added in a gusset (aka the triangle bit that sits between your legs) for extra comfort. 
  • It's a 7/8th length which if you're super tall will sit more like a mid-calf capri, and if you're petite it will be closer to full length. The feedback we've had so far is the length is really flattering and we love it because when you're running off-road your legs are protected. 

Here's the details for the Sport Skirts

We've been testing these out for a while now and from our original prototypes we've improved a couple of features but kept the same great length. 

  • Skirts are still highwaisted and will sit above the hips 
  • The undershorts are made from the same light fabric of our leggings, previously it was a thicker fabric but these will breathe better and be faster to dry 
  • The shorts now have a triangle gusset sewn in for extra comfort
  • Featuring two pockets (one on each hip) you can now carry your phone, card, keys or a ball or two wherever you go. Please note that the skirt pockets are not as secure as the thigh pocket on the leggings so it's up to you if you run with your phone in there. 

Check out this video review from our Ambassador Eve Southan - she's already a big fan of the runner, she can tell you why in her own words

Tell us your thoughts

We would love to hear back from you about any questions or ideas for our sport range. We can't promise anything overnight but would love to hear from you 


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