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Zeenya women are just pumped about our Sport Range. And we love bringing it to you! 

Many of you already love our unique printed clothing, from the leggings to shorts to crops, everything is limited edition. It's a theme we will continue with our running leggings, sport skirts and triathlon suits. Newly added is our running short. 

Each of these products have been designed for comfort and performance for the sport on hand. We're loving the edition of pockets to the runners and skirts, plus the triathlon suit has an incredibly soft Italian chamois (padding) which will cover you for all distances. All of our clothing provides UV protection - just don't forget to sunscreen elsewhere!

Our Sport Range will be continued to be made ethically for us in Brazil, still using our incredibly soft fabric combined with higher compression components.

They are seriously the best I've ever worn. They stay exactly where they're meant to and as a bonus distract people from how unco I look in the gym - Nicki (Bay of Plenty) talking about our Runners

Check out this video review from our Ambassador Eve Southan - she's already a big fan of the runner, she can tell you why in her own words

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We would love to hear back from you about any questions or ideas for our sport range. We can't promise anything overnight but would love to hear from you 

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