Sarah Menlove

Health & Transformation Coach (Auckland)

Sarah Menlove takes personal training to a whole new level with a holistic approach to wellness. Through her health coaching services she offers clients the possibility to have a complete transformation inside and out.

Sarah is a former competitive triathlete and has recently stepped into helping others via health coaching after her own struggles with injury, body image and diet culture.  Healing people’s relationships with food as well as their body image is at the centre to her coaching work. She works from a place of self love without mention of diet or deprivation.

She believes that successful habit change comes when we change our mindset (inner world) changes in the physical (outer world) will follow.  She recently wrote a very powerful blog around the trap of the “when I”’ mentality. Focused on how we are holding ourselves back from a whole lot of the things we want to do and experiences we want out of life because we are waiting for some future feeling/existence/person/body shape/financial position.  Meanwhile we are unable to enjoy the now and have outsourced our happiness to that external “thing”.

We met Sarah through friends in the Triathlon world and she has been part of our extended Zeenya family for a while.  She fell in love with the way colour made her feel when she wore it. “They just make me happy” she says. It is a way to express herself in a world of often only black in the gym world.

In 2018 she is working on growing her coaching business. She also sees some travel on the cards, maybe a yoga retreat, plenty of outdoor adventures and building connections and serving people from anywhere on earth.

Sarah’s message to others is that everyone deserves to live their best, most passionate and aligned life right now. Exactly as we are.  “You are enough. You are worthy. You have everything you need within you.”

You can follow or get in touch with Sarah here:

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