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We love a good girl boss combo and our friends from Real Health NZ, Jenna Smith and Renee Norman are leading with the way in the holistic health scene here in New Zealand. Tired of seeing people forcing themselves into time consuming, expensive and confusing diet plans and exercise routines, they created Real Health. An online membership based platform that offers a realistic and achievable way for women to reach their lifestyle goals. 

These two met through the guys who are now their husbands. How cool is that? Both are highly motivated, working other jobs as well as on Real Health. It's a big job supporting their online fitness community, creating content and then just recently growing their families. Renee has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl and Jen is due in November. They seriously have a lot going on!

We really love the way they have taken an honest approach to healthy living. They aren't pushing for perfection, but for a way to support women to get more out of themselves with self-care and good health. It's not about a quick fix, but about a sustainable lifestyle change where women can set goals of all sizes and achieve them.

Renee is a keen social squash player, water-skier and volleyballer. During pregnancy Renee set a challenge to keep as active as possible and whilst it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows she managed to keep active right up up until 39 weeks. Recently she has been embracing the shift into motherhood and all the changes and challenges that come with it! She can't wait to get back into exercise as soon as she can and looks forward to pounding the pavement with the stroller and new fitness buddy!
Jenna also plays volleyball,touch rugby and enjoys snowboarding. While it'll be a wee while until she can hit the slopes again, she's been doing her best to keep her movement up throughout her pregnancy and following her ‘real food’ philosophy with the odd pregnancy craving in there as well! Walking has become a big part of Jenna’s exercise especially throughout her last trimester of pregnancy, she finds it the perfect way to relax and unwind after a hectic day!

Both of these women embody Zeenya's values of being positive, energetic and mindful. They're extremely passionate about empowering women to live an active healthy lifestyle. They challenge and motivate each other, inspiring each other to be the best they can be!

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