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We love a good girl boss combo and our friends from Real Health NZ, Jenna Smith and Renee Norman are leading with the way in the holistic health scene here in New Zealand. Tired of seeing people forcing themselves into time consuming, expensive and confusing diet plans and exercise routines, they created Real Health NZ. An online membership based platform that offers a realistic and achievable way for women to reach their lifestyle goals. 

Jenna and Renee launched Real Health at the end of 2016, starting the business with 150 perfectly edited videos of workouts in some epic New Zealand locations with the idea of bringing a little bit of a retreat like feeling into their member's homes. Since then things have changed a bit! Shortly after launching the company both the girls fell pregnant with their first babies and soon after two beautiful wee babes joined the Real Health team, Addison and Sayer! 

Needless to say creating beautiful videos by the beach hasn't been doable for the girls between feeding, nappy changes, stories and all the challenges that mum life brings! So now they go live, streaming to their members from their living room (often with a mass pile of washing in the background!) or from their backyard! It’s totally raw, natural, unedited and their members love it! Renee and Jenna provide a live timetable each week inside their community and get to workout alongside their members from all over NZ and around the world! How cool is that!?

We really love the way they have taken an honest approach to healthy living. They aren't pushing for perfection, but for a way to support women to get more out of themselves with self-care and good health. It's not about a quick fix, but about a sustainable lifestyle change where women can set goals of all sizes and achieve them. Jenna and Renee pride themselves on teaching a way of living where healthy eating and exercise becomes part of our member's everyday life as they learn to view their wellness as a long-term investment in themselves.

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