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Zeenya is built around creating an activewear company which is positive, energetic and mindful. We believe in empowering women, not just those who wear our product but for those who help make it. We work together with small businesses to create our comfortable and happy activewear.

After travelling to Brazil together in 2013, we fell in love with the beauty, colour and vibrancy of Brazilian life and the confidence that women have with their bodies from this country. Black and grey seemed to dominate our activewear choices when we got home and we decided it was time for New Zealand women to start Embracing Life Through Colour. Our vision is to share this with women from all around the world, joining in the celebration of our individuality and what our incredible bodies do for us every day.

Our prints are expressive and fun, all items are short-ordered so you get a print which is limited edition. This means that you'll need to be in quick to get your favourite pair of leggings or top.  

Zeenya Clothing is sportswear designed to move with you, no matter your adventures, from running to yoga, hiking to chasing kids around we're sure you'll find one of our unique prints that best expresses your individuality. With excellent performance based fabric that stay up during activity, we know you'll find these the comfiest leggings you've ever owned.

Thanks for being a friend of Zeenya,
Chloe and Sarah

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