Trail Runner and Personal Trainer (Wellington)

Eve has recently completed an ultra marathon and has a determination to help others both online and in group fitness settings. Her business Life in Motion is about creating positive, fun and social environments for her community to come together to workout. She supports people to achieve their goals by helping them build confidence from within. 

While she was busy helping others achieve their goals, she set about on her own journey to complete an off-road ultra marathon, which she did earlier this year. After an article in her local paper about her ultra effort she connected with a New Zealand organisation, PADA - Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa. Knowing that when her two sons were little she struggled and she understands how hard it can be for new parents. By adding this extra dimension of fundraising for PADA to her run she told us it helped her in those moments of mental drain and motivated her push on to complete the event. Having only started running in 2014, Eve has totally smashed this goal out of the park. 

Going forward Eve is embracing running for the fun of it and is encouraging others give it a go. She is setting slightly smaller goals with her running with her next event being the Queenstown International Marathon in November.

We love Eve's story of self confidence too. Born with a cleft lip and palate she used to avoid being in photos, even as recent as a few years ago she would never have voluntarily been photographed let alone apply to be a brand ambassador with us. Eve knows her inner strength comes from hard work and for that reason she inspires us to look inside and believe in ourselves. 

Eve teaches HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes in the Northern Suburbs in Wellington throughout the week and includes a free community HIIT on Saturdays. She's supported by her husband and two sons who help out and take part in Life In Motion community events. Coming up she has a 'learn to run, zero to 5km' series, 5km to 10km series and a 10km series for the Wellington community. These are social, free, 6 week events designed to motivate and encourage people to get out and run.

One of her favourite quotes to use when the running gets tough is "you are fit, you are strong, you can do this". 

You can connect with Eve on Instagram and Facebook  
For more information on her classes check out her website

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