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We really connected with Emily’s outlook on life and the inspiring journey she is on. After completing multiple teacher trainings and travelling the world, she has returned home to New Zealand to take the leap of faith in building her Yoga Teaching business with the aim of helping people to improve their health, happiness and success in life. Emily is very driven and excited to share the gift of Yoga with people from all walks of life. She believes in making Yoga accessible to everybody, especially those who think they aren’t young or flexible enough! She runs local gym and community classes as well as corporate, sports specific and private sessions.

Emily’s passion for teaching came about through her job as a dance teacher working with children. She has always loved movement, music, colour and everything that involves creative flair and expression. To compliment her Yoga addiction, she also enjoys dancing and weight training at the gym to keep healthy both physically and mentally. Emily also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Diploma in Nutrition and incorporates principles from these areas into her teachings to provide a scientific and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Emily originally stumbled across Yoga 12 years ago dabbling in Iyengar and Hatha which ignited her curiosity, she has since diversified into Vinyasa, Ashtanga (Rocket) and Yin as well. She places a strong focus on breath technique, mindfulness, physical alignment and emphasises the therapeutic benefits of Yoga within her teaching style. Practicing Yoga has brought endless positive changes to Emily’s life she now feels it is her purpose to share these wonderful benefits with as many people as she can.

Emily has recently become a fan of Zeenya and upon receiving her first pair of leggings her first words were "Wow, I'm in love. These are the most Yoga friendly pants I’ve ever put on, it actually feels like I’m not wearing anything at all!’ She expressed that she cannot put into words just how yummy they feel to wear. She Emily describes her life so far as ‘colourful’ and feels the ‘unique designs and beautiful values of Zeenya clothing’ reflect this.

Emily is embarking on an exciting journey that we are very much looking forward to being a part of!

You also can follow her for inspiration, motivation, services, timetables and hot tips to improve your wellbeing at @em.k_yoga (Instagram) and Em K Yoga (Facebook).  Hamiltonians can also find her at Flex Fitness Te Rapa and Snap Fitness Hamilton East teaching regular classes for all levels.

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