Yoga Teacher (Singapore)

Danica joined the Zeenya sisterhood in the early days, teaching beach yoga alongside the weekly City Surf Series SUP meets on Auckland's Mission Bay. Back then she spent her weekdays as the Head of Design at a busy inner city consultancy, and weekends were either spent teaching hot yoga and vinyasa, or practicing her acro yoga skills. 

She loves Vinyasa flow yoga because "it opens up the body, lightens the heart and helps you to live life with energy and clarity, whilst developing strength and conditioning". But she also loves a bit of weight and resistance training, trail walks and cycling to counterbalance the yoga. Variety is key. "As someone with lumbar scoliosis and hypermobile elbows and shoulder joints, I need to be vigilant about keeping my physical body strong, flexible and in balance. If I don't, the imbalances creep in and injuries are more likely. It's the same for most people, they just don't have an identifiable condition to help keep them in check. Years of yoga has taught me to tune into the messages my body is giving me. - It's not about reaching your toes, it's what you learn on the way down that counts."

Years of teaching and practicing in hot yoga rooms in Auckland prepared Danica for another very different, but equally hot and sweaty, environment. Two years ago Danica moved to Singapore with her husband, where the average temperature during your lunch break is 36 degrees and 80% humidity - almost exactly what she used to set the thermostat at in her hot yoga classes. No longer allowed to teach part-time yoga due to visa restrictions, Danica has been enjoying the return to the role of 'student' and only teaches friends and colleagues on occasion. "Returning to a more personal, self-focused practice at a time when I was starting to become disillusioned with 'Insta-Yoga' and the 'public image' of yoga has been incredibly liberating and rewarding." 

This shift has opened up space for more of Danica's other passion in life: travelling. Since moving to South East Asia she's been lucky enough to visit the golden temples of Myanmar, witness the wild orangutan of Sumatra, snorkle in the sparkling reefs of the Philippines, and scale the skyscrapers of Taipei. 

While she still loves her Zeenya on the mat - "They are light and breathable, preventing you from feeling sticky or stinky, and whether it's in acro or vinyasa, they are resilient, non-slip and stay feeling (and looking) good no matter what", she's more recently been putting them to the test in all sorts of other 'non-yoga' places. We love seeing the things Danica gets up to in her colourful Zeenya - whether it's just being comfortable while out and about in the humid city heat of Singapore, or exploring other villages and cities of South East Asia, or doing adventurous things in more exotic places, like trail walking and jungle trekking, exploring caves and swimming in rivers and waterfalls. "I thought I loved Zeenya as activewear, but I've actually fallen more in love with them as travel wear. Just so multi-functional, comfortable and practical. Once I realised they were great to swim in them was no stopping me! No matter what or where it is I'm going, I pack a couple Zeenya and I've got it covered. Plus they make me feel like I'm taking a bit of NZ with me wherever I go."

Check out all her adventures (plus a bit of yoga, and a good bit of her Bulldog Hank) on her awesome Instagram @danicaroseburke. If you want to know if Zeenya's will suit your activities and adventures, ask Danica, she'll undoubtedly have tried it already!

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