Yoga Teacher (Singapore)

Danica is all about seeking a balance between the yin and the yang. Her two passions in her life are her career as a talented designer running a busy team in a central city office, while after hours she contrasts this with teaching and practicing yoga. She began teaching about 3 years ago and loves Vinyasa flow yoga which opens up the body, lightens the heart and helps you to live life with energy and clarity, but recently has been exploring the more acrobatic side of partnered yoga, and compliments her yoga with regular group fitness training.

She approaches her practice with an intention to enjoy the practice and the journey, not endure it, and this translates to life as well. "It's not about reaching your toes, but what you learn on the way down" 

She loves Zeenya clothing as it brings some extra fun and energy to her practice, the bright colours bring a lightness and brightness to the room and makes people smile. As she practices mainly hot yoga and acro yoga, she demands a lot from her activewear, but her Zeenya have passed the tests – they don't get sticky or stinky and the dry super fast, keeping her warm and comfortable. They are resilient, non-slip, and stay in place no matter what exercise she's doing (or whatever tricky acro yoga position gets into!). 

Danica has been our yoga teacher down at the City Surf Series this summer and you can follow her awesome instagram @danicaroseburke (as well as colourful pants, you'll see she's also really into healthy, colourful food as well!)

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