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Adventurer - Auckland

Brittany is originally from Wisconsin and is now living permanently in Auckland. A keen adventurer from a young age, she and her sister would often while away the summer afternoons biking, running around with their four big dogs, swimming in Lake Michigan and wandering around the backwoods in search of a mythical Buffalo farm...

Always on the hunt for another adventure, in 2013 Brittany moved to New Zealand looking for a bigger, more foreign outdoor playground. Though Auckland is a big city, it's an easy springboard for escaping to the wild beaches and lush forests that make New Zealand so amazing. Not to mention having the Waitakere ranges close at hand for weekend trail runs!  

These days she finds joy in bringing people together for outdoor opportunities. In 2015 Brittany and her partner Colin started WayWiser. An online network to help people connect over their love of nature and outdoor sports push their personal boundaries, and get outdoors more often.

WayWiser recently expanded into the corporate health world by launching "WayWiser Health" a product to help corporates level-up their company culture by empowering their employees to get active on their own terms. WayWiser Health allows employees to connect with each other over shared interests and start company running, cycling, or walking clubs as well as participate in fitness challenges. 

Brittany herself is gearing up to complete the Ring of Fire, running/hiking at the end of September, and is aspiring to complete the Old Ghost Road at the end of February. 

Her motto - Go big or go home. Whether its adventures, love, friendships or foodie feasts! 

You can follow Brittany on her socials
Also check out her rad company WayWiser here www.waywiser.co.nz 

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