Goals, Growth & Fulfillment Coach

What if you felt like you were living your best life every day? 

In 2015 Bridget decided it was time start creating her version, her way. Her mindful approach to life has her now full time working with clients all around New Zealand with her business, Goal Diggers NZ (GDNZ). Based in Invercargill, Bridget coaches and supports others to live a fulfilling life, with each person creating the reality they want in their everyday lives.

Bridget believes in goals, and big goals too. Some of the goals she’s worked on in the past have been the transition from part time self employed to working full time for her own business, completing the Queenstown Half Marathon and starting her own GDNZ clothing line. Some of her current goals include doing 5 unassisted chin ups, becoming the best version of herself and showing up to her business everyday with discipline and conviction.

Her message to NZ women would be to check in with yourself regularly and make sure you’re looking after you and your holistic wellbeing. We can’t show up as the best version of ourselves for our loved ones if we aren’t investing in ourselves. A great starting place is to look at where your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is currently and then really take some time to create a vision of where you want to be. Then start taking some bite sized steps to make it happen!

Bridget is currently rocking her Zeenya to her weekly hot flow and yin yoga classes and is always being asked about them! She loves sliding them on before she heads to yoga as it’s all part of the self care ritual  "I know when I’ve got my Zeenya’s on that I’m prioritising my holistic wellbeing and making much needed time for myself".

Bridget is extremely connected with her followers on Instagram and Snapchat – you can even join in on her legendary dance parties while she shares gems of self-love and respect.

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Bridget Paddon, GDNZ
Skydive, Bridget Paddon, GDNZ

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