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Anna Ainsworth is a Yoga teacher in Palmerston North. She's is a part of an awesome community of people all on the path to find what is right for them and have a positive relationship with their bodies. Anna has embarked on her own journey over the last few years and, as the saying goes, all journeys' start with a single step. Anna's began when she woke up to find herself not so happy, overweight (in her words), and feeling disconnected with her body. So she decided to do something to change her life. 

Anna realised that the journey to her own health and wellbeing was not going to be one that she could take alone. She needed help to determine what was going to work for her and surrounded herself with a team of awesome supporters and professionals who helped find what was right for her and her body. 
At first it was the physical changes that she wanted to see, but like all good transformations it's the inner workings that have had the best long term effects. As she learned listen to and trust her body again, she started to realise the strength she had within herself to love her body and to accept it as it is in each moment. We know that's a journey we can all do with learning! During the course of her journey she has lost a huge amount of weight, but what she is most proud of is what she's learnt along the way.
Anna is not an advocate for a “one size fits all” approach to health, but rather about encouraging you to learn your own bodies’ language, to understand and love yourself and to be confident to make the right decisions for you. This is often reflected in her classes which are deeply grounding, accessible and body positive!  
For her, being in colour increases the fun in her life. It reminds her to embrace adventures and to see situations with gratitude and happiness. Strong in her personal ethics, Anna found an alignment with us here at Zeenya in the way our clothing in produced. We share the belief that as individuals we have a responsibility to leave the world in a better place than we found it.  
Anna works full time as a Radiographer, lives on a lifestyle block with her husband and can often be found “playing” at the gym. Anna also loves a good adventure, getting outdoors gives her the space she needs to think and to play. As women she wants us to remember our magic and our worth, and not to take life too seriously. Getting into running is her next adventure and she has a half Marathon on her mind to complete.  

To follow her and share in her journey you can find her at Anna Ainsworth; Yoga, Meditation and More on Instagram and Facebook

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