Even if it's normal, choose to make it extraordinary

Life continually presents us with choices. Some are ours to make, some are inherited by us from the people around us. Every choice gives us an opportunity for growth and we have the responsibility to ourselves to make the most of it.  Having initially connected online, ...
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What are you waiting for?

What are you holding yourself back from? What’s that thing you’ve said to yourself “I’ll do that WHEN…” We’ve all been there, unfortunately it’s something society has ingrained in us, this constant chasing of the next thing, of striving for something ext...
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Have you ever wondered how we pick the prints that we choose? One day we will be big enough to do full runs of custom prints, but for now we choose directly from the fabric mill. Here's the rules we live by 1. Choose separately from each other initially - Sara...
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Sharing the love

April 5, 2018

Why we do what we do

Positive.  Mindful.  Energetic.  Not only is that how we describe Zeenya, but we think it's pretty fitting for the women who wear our clothing. And to those of you rocking our gear and living your best lives as they are in this moment we want to say thank you....
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LoveLake Festival, Taupo

8 - 11th March  LoveLake Festival 2018 brings a weekend of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, music and aroha to Taupō’s Wairakei Resort.  A new festival that we excited to be supporting, love the sense of community these events bring hopefully we will be lucky enou...
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Proudly Made in New Zealand

February 11, 2018

A story about coming home

What if we told you that your favourite activewear brand (that's us of course) was now even better? It's still super comfy, with unique prints and deliciously soft biodegradable fabric, but its now being made here in New Zealand. That's right. New Zealand Made. Pretty c...
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Eve Southan started out as a super fan of ours. Now she's an Ambassador repping colour and fun in the Wellington region with her company, Life in Motion. We've been giving her Facebook Life HIIT classes a go on Friday mornings, proving to be hard work with lots of laughs. So...
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Epic Yoga - The SUP Edition

January 18, 2018
DATE CHANGED: 24th March 2018Join us for an extra epic double dose of yoga. We are combining with a group of our friends to bring you the opportunity to do both Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga and land based Yoga in the beautiful outdoors.  Yogi's of all (or no) ability are w...
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5 quick questions with our rad Ambassador

We are extremely proud to have the support of a great group of women from all over New Zealand helping us spread the word about Zeenya. Recently we caught up with Stacey to hear how things are kicking off in her 2018. So here's 5 quick fire questions with Stacey. Hope you en...
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We've got your Christmas solutions

At a time of year when things can become overwhelming - we want to make it easy as possible for shopping for the active women in your life. Or if your significant other needs some help - just send them this link!  If this is your first time you've read about Zeenya - we...
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